Beating the January blues

Here we are at the beginning of 2014, with dark mornings and dark evenings it’s often difficult to see the sunshine a head....

I am no expert but all I can say from my own experience is that painting gives me that lift and freedom from the dark. I know my skies can often be atmospheric and melancholy for they are the connection between what I see and what I feel, but when I have had a good day painting my spirit is lifted.

So if you can make only one change this January and you have always said you wanted to take up painting but never got round to it.... give it a go it can cost you no more than a pencil and a piece of paper but the rewards to your inner self are immeasurable.

And if painting is not your thing, then wrap up warm and go out and view the fantastic landscapes around us we have so much around us, but we just need the time to stop and soak it in - enjoy Yorkshire

Ashley Jackson