Yorkshire Day - 1st August

Most of us would be forgiven for thinking that Yorkshire Day occured the other week when the Tour de France Grand de part came to Yorkshire as we celebrated with great gusto....but it is not...Yorkshire Day falls on the 1st August, which means we get another chance to celebrate the great County, the people and the landscape.

In celebration of all that is God's County, below is "Coming Home before the rain" standing with the farm within sight you can feel the drop in atmosphere as the impending rain moves across the landscape, the path leads to sanctuary.

"Not all days in Yorkshire are sunny and for that I am thankful as it is the drama of the sky that catches my passion to paint.and as lovely as bright blue skies may be I am more at one with the wind and rain in my face, the passion in my heart and the inspiration connecting my vision to hand".

"Yorkshire has really got a strong hold of me.
But why should I let her go
And where would I be if she was not there".
Ashley Jackson 1970