Christmas Card levels running low....

Posted by Claudia Jackson-Berettoni on November 07, 2011 (0 Comments)




 I know it still seems too early to be thinking about Christmas, but unfortunately the adverts on television are beginning to place Christmas to the front of their agenda if not ours....

For those of you who have been looking at or even thinking about purchasing this years Christmas card can I ask that you might give it some extra thought so as  to avoid disappointment - This years card West Nab looking down to Meltham with Castle Hill and Emley Mast in the distance has been phenomenally successful and we are now extremely low in our remaining stock.(We never ever reprint the Christmas cards)

If you would like to keep a card, as I know many of you do, as it is an exclusively released card each year please do not hesitate in calling in to the Gallery, contacting us by phone: 01484 686460 or clicking on the Christmas card image to the right of this news update which will lead you directly to the Christmas card webpage.

    Don't disappoint Santa this Christmas - You know how much he likes his Ashley  Jackson Christmas Card.


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