St George's Crypt, Leeds


Yesterday I visited St George's Crypt in Leeds on the kind invitation of Rev Steve Dye who asked me to call in to the crypt  the next time I was in Leeds. What a fantastic environment as a shelter for the homeless it is much more than a bed, it is warmth , support and encouragement. Chris Fields the Chief Executive Officer I hope would be pleased for me to describe it as a catalyst for change for all those who pass through the door , whether you are homeless, a volunteer or a visitor we all have something to learn from  St George's Crypt. Most people stay at the shelter for up to 6 weeks where they take part in a programme that befits their requirements whether it be literacy, creativity, cooking and general education this is not about creating dependence but encouraging independence through direction to the right services be it housing, health or benefits.

In the photograph above I am pictured with Rev Steve, with a Limited edition of mine of the Cow and Calf Ilkley, which has been donated by the Yorkshire Society. I feel that it is an apt print for them to make use of as it is probably one of the most recognised Yorkshire Landmarks.


I have always said that with painting " Many people look but few see"  , I believe that we as a society are all guilty of this and hope that the next time you visit Leeds you might remember St George's Crypt and the people who pass through it's doors.    


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