Yorkshire Day - New print release Gordale Scar


Moving Light - Gordale Scar 

A bright day at Gordale Scar with the sun moving across the hillside, the grass appears to have  a luminous quality, only the dark rising of the Scar behind the house and the windswept trees give a hint of the hard winters that the farmers face in North Yorkshire. On this particular day the weather paints an idyllic picture of life in the Dales. I visited the same location yesterday in the heavy rain, the building is still a working farm but the trees and undergrowth have consumed the front of the house.

I will continue to remember it as I found it bathed in sun light on this cold crisp day.

This print will be released to celebrate the uniqueness, diversity of the Yorkshire landscape and all those whose life is to work the land, come rain or shine they are committed 24hours a day. 

It can be viewed on the following link or come and join us at the gallery on Yorkshire Day  - 1st August to view its unveiling