A lifetime of inspiration captured in watercolour - New Book Review

If you have been considering taking a peak at my new book 'A lifetime of inspiration captured in watercolour' then do take a look at this review by Graham Ironside, Editor, Calendar from 1974 to 1982, then Controller, Regional Programmes, 1982 to 1992.

'There can’t be many better ways to get to know the Yorkshire Dales than to take a day out in the summer sunshine, especially with a camera poised to capture those picture postcards awaiting at every turn.

But to really get to know the Dales, in their real life, day by day, ever-changing forms, you need a lingering glance – more than one! -- through Ashley Jackson’s new book, his personal selection from the many pictures he’s painted of the Dales over his lifetime as a watercolour artist.

There are about 60 here, beautifully illustrated, every one reflecting the Dales in a different mood. From “Passing Storms” to “Coming Home Before The Rain”, Ashley reveals the endless variations the light can cast on his favourite scenes from raging blizzards to sedate sunsets.

As a 16-year-old art student, he vowed he would never become “a genius of the chocolate box” – and these paintings confirm how well he stuck to his vow. Here he’s captured the Dales as few people, apart from those who live there, ever see them. And what drama he has captured. A book to savour and linger over …'