Ashley celebrates his 70th birthday with 'Power and the Passion' exhibition

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Power and the Passion
Ashley Jackson’s Yorkshire Love Affair

Ashley Jackson, Internationally known Yorkshire watercolour landscape artist, celebrates his 70th Birthday this October with an exhibition unveiling over 35 watercolours from his private collection. Commencing at the Mall Galleries, London on the 3rd - 9th October, it will then return to beloved Yorkshire to be exhibited at Temple Newsam House, Leeds on the 23rd October until the 8th May 2011.
It will provide a vision of Yorkshire for all to see and feel as the paintings are extremely atmospheric and of dynamic proportions without resorting to technology - Ashley uses no trickery just pure skill.

Each painting has been chosen for its unique ability to convey the beauty of the landscape of ‘God’s County’ of Yorkshire; these are not picture postcard representations but passionate interpretations of the atmospheric elements. No other watercolour artist has been successful at creating this unique bond – Ashley explains this as an ability to read Mother Nature’s Love Letters.

Ashley will once again be supporting The Prince's Trust with the sale of a Limited edition exhibition brochure from which all finance will be donated to the Trust and also a percentage from any paintings sold. HRH Prince Charles has most generously provided a foreword to the exhibition brochure.

As the exhibition will remain at Temple Newsam House for 7 months we are planning to show in two stages the first being October to Feb with a second catalogue being shown from Feb to May. This is to ensure that Yorkshire is able to view the full exhibition that has been shown at the Mall Galleries London; unfortunately although Temple Newsam provides a majestic setting the Gallery is too small to exhibit all 35 paintings in one viewing.

We hope to meet many of you at the exhibitions come and celebrate with us.

Visit Yorkshire - My Mistress section for more information and to purchase the Limited edition brochure.


Join Ashley at Dewsbury Outdoor festival

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Ashley will be taking part in Dewsbury Outdoor Festival on the 5th August at 12.30pm Crows Nest Park, Dewsbury doing what he does best.....painting.

Join Ashley as he captivates you with watercolour paints and entertains you with talks of Yorkshire, friends and life events.
This is not just for artists or art enthusiasts, all ages are welcome.

Admission is free.

Meet at the cafe within the park at 12.30pm. We hope to see you there...

For further details contact Miss Ann Williams
Tel: 01484 234018


The brush and the pen

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Come and join us at the Gallery on the 31st July, to celebrate Yorkshire Day (1st August) and the launch of the new biography "An artist's Life" Ashley Jackson and author Chris Bond will be available between 11.00am and 1.00pm to exclusively sign copies.

This is the perfect opportunity to purchase a book that not only chronicles Ashley's life from Penang to Barnsley , from past to present, but also provides stunning reproductions of Ashley's paintings.The book provides an insight in to the man behind the atmospheric watercolour landscapes of Yorkshire Moorland.

Should you not be able to attend the book signing copies can be reserved by contacting the Gallery on 01484 686460.
Commemorate Yorkshire Day with a truly Yorkshire Gift - An Artist's Life - Ashley Jackson written by Chris Bond.


An Artists Life - Ashley Jackson

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The long awaited Ashley Jackson Biography has just arrived in the Gallery.

Written by Chris Bond a feature writer for the Yorkshire Post, the hardback book is an accumulation of hours of discussion between Ashley and his friend,interspersed with paintings and sketches by Ashley.It provides an insight in to the man behind the paintings, how Yorkshire has embraced the young boy who arrived in Barnsley at the age of 10 to live with his mum and stepfather. Thus although he was not born in Yorkshire he considers in his heart of hearts to be a Yorkshireman. A writer for the Northern Echo once wrote, that if you cut Ashley in half he would say Yorkshire through and through like a piece of Blackpool rock, this is an accolade that Ashley is truly proud of.

Yorkshire has been his home for over 60 years and his love affair with the Yorkshire Moors began as soon as he was able to view the Moors from Linthwaite, Huddersfield. It is a relationship that has endured, for as he mentions the sun will burn you, the rain may wet you and the snow will freeze you to your bones, only people will make you cry. This is a statement built on the raw emotions of a young boy whose home life was empty and cold, it was to be the moors that provided his solace and sanity.

His works have been exhibited worldwide and adorn the walls of many successful and famous people from politicians to actors, from Tsars to Prince’s, many of these will be explained within the book, but the paintings that give him most pleasure are those purchased by the man in the street… It has been his life’s goal to make art accessible to everyone not just the elite few and with his many television series he achieved this when he was given the title ‘The People’s Artist’. Further accolades have followed but it always the one’s judged by his Yorkshire peers that provide him with the greatest of pleasure.

His life has been a rollercoaster with many ups and downs with the momentum provided by the passion and arrogance of a young Jackson wishing to make his mark within the art world. He still believes there is still much to achieve but the attitude has been replaced by a philosophical nature of one who has battled his way through a dark place to find light on the other side. Wishing to utilise his experience to support others in their challenging lives he campaigns for the Prince’s Trust and provides demonstrations for schools and prison services.

Copies signed by Ashley are available to buy on line within the Gallery and via telephone mail order. Contact the Gallery on 01484 686460 to reserve a copy.


Paint Days with Ashley

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Wow, May is nearly upon us and we look forward to meeting all the budding artists that have signed up for a Paint day with Ashley.It has been a fabulous year with all the paint days fully booked well in advance.

This year we have chosen to utilise days in May only as later in the year Ashley will be finalising all the arrangements for his 70th Birthday with a celebratory exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London from the 3rd October to the 9th October. Ashley will be unveiling previously unseen paintings that convey his love for the Yorkshire Moors, come rain, hail, snow or shine...As a longstanding relationship you learn to take the good with the bad,I suppose it's like any other,... it makes you learn to appreciate the days of beauty.

For those unable to make the journey to London, the exhibition will transfer to Temple Newsam, Leeds from the 23rd October where it will be in residence until May 2011, so we hope that we might meet many of you as we celebrate and share Ashley's Love Affair with Yorkshire


Exhibition at the Mansion House, Doncaster

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Ashley will be exhibiting for one day only at the Mansion House, Doncaster, alongside his Yorkshire friend Graham Ibbeson,sculptor.

The exhibition will be held in the Ball Room of Mansion House between 11.00am and 3.00pm with admission free of charge on the 2nd March 2010.

Both Ashley and Graham will be in attendance throughout the exhibition so if you would not only like to view the exhibition but ask a question of the artists, call in to the Mansion House, Doncaster tomorrow.


NATO Secretary General unveils Ashley Jackson painting

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NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson unveiled a painting commemorating the terrorist attacks against the United States of 11 September by the British artist Ashley Jackson at NATO headquarters on 6 March 2002. 

View NATO news release


A painting lesson at Highgrove House with Ashley Jackson

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With Highgrove House as the backdrop, this prestigious prize entitled the winner to join internationally renowned artist, Ashley Jackson, for an exclusive day of painting in the beautiful Highgrove Gardens 

The experience included: an expert demonstration of painting from Ashley Jackson, who talked about the construction and composition of developing a painting; an invitation for the winner to start their own painting in the medium of their choice whilst receiving personal tuition from Ashley himself; lunch and light refreshments in the grounds of Highgrove House. 

This prize was fulfilled in spring 2007. An unbelievable day, the weather was warm, the location stunningly humbling and the food was superb. We were to coin a phrase 'treated like royalty' for the whole day. It was a fantastically unique experience to paint at Highgrove. 

Grateful thanks to HRH Prince Charles the Prince of Wales. 

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