My Yorkshire Sketchbook .... limited availability

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Sad to say we are coming to the end of the print run, so with just 30 copies remaining in stock we ask you to consider; whether this book is for you or intended as a gift to place your order sooner rather than later to ensure your copy.



Its not too late for Valentines Day - One week to go

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Remember it's not the size of the gift that counts or the amount spent but the thought... share the love of Yorkshire this Valentines. From a presentation box of coasters to Limited editions and Originals, we have something for everyone, all of which come wrapped in Ashley Jackson's signature paper and green bow.

It's not too late for mail order or indeed visiting the gallery to make your personal choice.

We also provide gift vouchers which can be downloaded direct from the website without need for posting.  

We look forward to being of assistance


Explore the hidden landscape around Holmfirth with Ashley

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With thanks to Walks around Britain we are able to bring you an exclusive view of Holmfirth and the surrounding area as  Yorkshire watercolour artist  Ashley Jackson takes broadcaster Andrew White aound the back streets of Holmfirth and out in to the landscape. Presenting Holmfirth in a new light and pointing to the many hidden gems. There are also three paintings along the walk that Ashley captured a few years ago and now it is for you to see the past and present merge through the camera.

Enjoy this sunny day in Holmfirth , Yorkshire and we hope to see you in the Holme Valley some time soon.



From Under pass to Art Exhibition - Kirkgate Station

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What a difference Art can make #KirkgateStation with Grand Central Rail  #Wakefield underpass. If you are travelling through Kirkgate station venture down in to the underpass that connects the platforms and you will be in for a warm 'Yorkshire welcome'. A motion sensor heralds your arrival with a brass brass band playing 'Jerusalem' and then your eyes take in the full ceiling to floor reproductions of Ashley's watercolour paintings.

Here's a slide show of the impressive vinyls

'It is fantastic to see your paintings utilised in every day life and hopefully brightening other people's journey. It has always been my life long goal to make art more accessible and so I am excited to have my work creating atmosphere and light in an under pass that was once without soul'  


Say it with Yorkshire ....

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Say it with Yorkshire, this Valentines and Mother's Day we hope we have the gift that reflects your emotions and captures the message you wish to convey.

We are happy to take phone orders for those that would prefer to speak to us in person at the gallery on 01484 686460  and there is the website and gallery should you wish to view Ashley's collection of prints, limited editions and original paintings.



Taking up Watercolour Painting as your New Years resolution

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Don't forget that there are free to view tuition videos available by Ashley Jackson.

Be inspired to give watercolours ago whatever your age or level of ability, Ashley along with three students simplifies watercolour techniques and sketching.


Merry Christmas from us all at Ashley Jackson Gallery

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May we wish you all that we wouldwish ourselves;
health and happiness for 2017 


Time to explore Yorkshire over the Festive Season

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Don't forget if you have time over Christmas and are thinking of a festive walk after the excess of Christmas Day why not have a walk up to the frame at Wessenden Head, Marsden Moor or Holme Moss.

There are also frames at Brimham Rocks, Hardcastle Crags and Newton Moor ( Roseberry Topping) so plenty of places to take your festive photographs and send them to @framingthelandsc or Framing the Landscape on Facebook.  


Last Minute Yorkshire inspiration

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If you have still to start your Christmas gift buying perhaps we can assist from £9.95 you can enjoy the landscape of Yorkshire all year round.

Ashley will be in the gallery for the last two Saturdays before Christmas 17th and 24th December between 10.00am - 2.00pm should you wish to meet him and discuss your favourite Yorkshire location.

We look forward to being of assistance


Don't just visit Yorkshire .... you can take it home with you

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Ashley Jackson Limited edition  Wolfestones , Watercolour Memories, Holme Valley

Enjoy the landscape of Yorkshire long after your visit with an atmospheric watercolour print, limited edition or book, all of which are exclusive to the Ashley Jackson Gallery so most importantly you wont find repeated gifts under the Christmas tree. 

All purchases are gift wrapped in our unique own designed paper with matching green bow.


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