Horse Houses, Dales


Size: 16 x 12 1/2"

Mounting: Double  mounted and signed on the mount

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'Some days are diamonds and some days are stone'. These words spring to mind when I revisit a work conceived early in my career as a newly-married professional artist. For indeed, as I tried to capture the sparkling crystals of the Dales hamlet after a summer cloudburst, it was a truly diamond day. And no matter that rain had fallen.

I get excited when, like on this painting, the rain makes the road shine like the underside of a milk top, reflecting and crystallising the shape of the cottages. Colours cannot be brighter or stronger than when it has just stopped raining. I was equally fascinated by the glow in the sky as the clouds wrung out their last reluctant drops. To smell the freshness straight after rain is a wonder that never ceases to amaze me.

Please note, this image does not reflect the true proportions of the painting and sizes stated below describes the overall size of work including the mounting.


Horse Houses, Dales