Glossary of Terms/FAQs

What kind of art can I buy?

From prints, signed prints, limited editions and original paintings we offer a wide choice of exclusive art by Ashley Jackson.

What is the difference between a limited edition and original artwork? 

An original is a unique watercolour painting that once purchased cannot be replicated, no two original paintings are the same, they are truly one of a kind.

Although you will see that the original pencil sketches, sepias and panoramic watercolours show two ways to purchase the artwork either framed or mounted only, there is only one original it cannot be purchased once.  

An Ashley Jackson Limited edition is a print, restricted to a specified number of copies produced on the understanding that no further impressions will be made. Thus for example it will have a number 150/250 which confirms the print run was of 250 and this is unique edition number 150. Each Limited edition is signed by the artist in pencil and a certificate of authenticity is provided.

What is a remarque?

Alongside specific Limited edition prints are remarques this is the artist's small original working sketch of the original painting reproduced in print to become the limited edition. If you take a look at 'Lead me home, Gateway to Yorkshire' you will see that of 250 limited edition prints the first 80 are purchased as remarques, that is to say you purchase the printed limited and the correspondingly numbered original watercolour sketch (remarque) completes the purchase.

Can I get more information about buying from Ashley Jackson Gallery? 

At Ashley Jackson Gallery we are here to help whether it be over the phone, in person or via email if you have any questions that have not been answered by the information on the website then please do contact us. 

We also have an email newsletter that advises of new previews, print launches etc Be assured we do not  send out emails unless we have something special to inform you about.

Is all of your art displayed online?

We place a small amount of our original collection online to provide a window in to the Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire landscapes captured by Ashley Jackson, thus should you have been unable to see what you require on the website please do contact us and we will do our best to assist.

How do you prove the authenticity of your art?

We are committed to protecting the integrity of each piece we sell, so artworks come with a bespoke certificate of authenticity and are signed personally by Ashley Jackson.