Our Present Exhibition

Our present exhibition 'Calm Between the Storms'  was launched on the 10th September and is due to run until Jan 2021.

Exhibition of  'Calm between the Storms' is a homage to the landscape and the times we have recently been living through where nature has been a sanctuary to us all. We would like to add this exhibition is a belated celebration of Ashley's 80th year which commenced in October last year, but like many things we were unable to truly mark.

The collection personally curated by Ashley includes pencil sketches to originals like a piece of music it is composed of atmospheric skies with sunlight captured dancing across the Dales, it is truly a love letter composed through the decades, one that he hopes you will stay a while and read....

Stand in front of the moorland path way that traverses its way on the uneven ground, feel the temperature drop around you in advance of the impending storm clouds, see the drama unfolding as you begin to quicken your pace to arrive at the farmhouse before the storm arrives.

A painting should make you feel, everything the artist does as he paints, for he does so with his hand, his eyes and his soul. 

Please take a look at a small collection of the originals within the exhibition via the Originals page.