A walk with Ashley


Share Ashley's vision of Holme Valley

Ashley Jackson, the famous watercolour artist, celebrates his passion for Yorkshire by sharing his vision of the Holme Valley.

Launched on the 12th April 2011, Ashley is inviting you to find the hidden gems around the back streets and landscape surrounding Holmfirth.

If you have ever fancied following in an artist's footsteps then this walk is for you, stop at exact locations along the walk to compare the artist's watercolour interpretation and your own. Follow up the steps behind the Church, be lead through back streets with houses nestled into the hill side and out in to open countryside, spotting birds, hamlets, hidden streams and most importantly fantastic views.

There is more to Holmfirth than initially meets the eye.

As Ashley states: "I have always said many people look but few see, I hope this walk will encourage others to see the beauty of the landscape and value it for other generations. It will also possibly explain how Holmfirth and its surrounding moorland has continued to influence me."

The walk has been developed by Ashley Jackson and Kirklees Council, and is backed by tourism agency Welcome to Yorkshire.

Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, said: "Holmfirth is a place of outstanding natural beauty and Ashley's work has played a key part in raising its profile as a visitor destination. This innovative walk will not only attract more people to visit the area, but allow people to experience the journeys Ashley went on which inspired him to create such wonderful work."

The leisurely walk is fantastic in that it is accessible for all and free. Walkers can dip into the different sections according to their abilities; the majority of the walk takes you along quiet single track roads and so is quite safe for families. But most importantly the walk highlights the beauty surrounding Holmfirth that is often missed by visitors to the Town.

‘A walk with Ashley’ has just been selected by the Royal Geographical Society to be featured on its Discovering Britain website”

It is has also been filmed for Walks Around Britain website so please click on link below


Click below to download the Take a Walk with Ashley Jackson Guidebook PDF (1.57mb).