Enchanted Moor - Looking Across To The Moss Limited Editions
Enchanted Moor , Looking across to Holme Moss as Watercolour landscape. Yorkshire landscape captured in a contemporary watercolour by Yorkshire Artist Ashley Jackson. Available as a signed Limited edition print of Yorkshire mounted only . Fine Art Prints, Signed prints, Limited Editions and Original watercolour paintings exclusively available from Ashley Jackson Gallery, Holmfirth

Enchanted Moor - Looking across to the Moss

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Size: 34"1/2" x 27"3/8"

Mounting: Single mounted with silver slip

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My mistress, the moor, has shared all these times, standing strong as my inspiration throughlout my entire career. Yet again, as I put my brush to paper, I realised she was supporting me – she was reminding me of the honour and privilege that has been bestowed upon me, enabling me to acknowledge that the last forty years have indeed been an achievement, but the greatest achievement of all is life, and life, for all of us, should be a good enough reason to celebrate.

So, once again, I am indebted to my enchantress the moor, for making me realise just what life is all about as she encouraged me to capture her all encompassing beauty of the enchanted moor...

This exclusive signed edition has been limited to just 250 mounted copies. All copies of the edition will include a commemorative certificate of authenticity. 

Please note, this image does not reflect the true proportions of the painting and sizes stated below describes the overall size of work including the mounting.



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