Low light, before the Storm, Featherbed Moss


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''..to see and feel the moor, to see light and smell the bracken let a lone paint it is indeed an honour''

Once again Ashley Jackson and Fine Bone China specialist Dunoon have collaborated in the release of Featherbed Moss a stunning reproduction of the Moorland.

The image has been fired on to a bone china beaker with Ashley’s individual signature on the inside of the beaker. On closer inspection you can view two sheep taken from the original painting incorporated into the design by being printed onto the handle. The colour reproduction has stayed true to the original painting and is a credit to both Dunoon and Ashley.

As a limited collection the print run will be of only 360. We wish to remind you of the extreme speed with which last years beakers were sold. To avoid disappointment we recommend that you use the pre order service available below, specifying how you would like your beaker packaged. 

The Bone China Beaker can now be pre-ordered and will be delivered commencing the first week of November 2009.

The beaker can be purchased two ways; on its own at £15.99 or in leatherette finished green presentation box signed personally by Ashley Jackson with the beaker set inside a green satin insert at £18.99.

Low light, before the Storm, Featherbed Moss
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