Reveries - in the vision of the moss will not be around for much longer availability

Resolving that life could not get much better than the one that I saw before me I resolved to capture 'Reveries in the vision of the moss' which was since become a Limited Edition.Recently there have been a few mornings like this, cold and crisp but with stunning colours, the kind that make you want to park your car and just soak it in, if life would allow for such a brief interlude from the demands and time schedules of work.As John Lennon sang,' Life is what happens whilst we are busy making other plans' ... it is important to find a balance for we are but here a short time.I know these are very easy words to say but much harder to make real, I am fortunate at 75 to have this time but also to have my health so that I may enjoy it.

The limited edition has obviously inspired others and even if they are only privy to their brief moment of tranquility and solitude once they sit down in their lounge with the open moor framed on their wall, I feel humble to play a part.

Unfortunately there are now only 14 of 'Reveries' Limited edition remaining so do take a look on the website or call in to see it in the gallery before it too is gone...