Power and the Passion

Ashley Jackson's Yorkshire Love Affair

ashley black and white

Ashley celebrated his 70th year at the Power and the Passion exhibition.

Celebrating his 70th Birthday, Jackson returned to the Mall Galleries, London following which the exhibition went on to be unveiled at Temple Newsam House, Leeds.

Acclaimed as being the, 'Turner of the 21st Century' his dynamic and brooding landscapes captured the atmospheric skies of the Yorkshire Moorland.

Synonymous with Yorkshire his paintings are transcriptions of Mother Nature's Love letters revealing the relationship between the man and his moor.

He unveiled a stunning collection of previously unseen work, for which he has spent his life time chasing the changing light in God's County, where there may be all season's in one day, leaving man exposed and open to the elements. No other artist can emulate his technique in such large scale watercolours; there is no camera or trickery just pure skill.
The exhibition was then partially housed at the Gallery in Holmfirth.
The Mall Galleries, London        3rd October - 9th October 2010
Temple Newsam House, Leeds  23rd October - 8th May 2011 

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