Dalesman Magazine names Ashley's new book - Book of the Month

Posted by Claudia Jackson-Berettoni on October 26, 2017 (0 Comments)

We are extremely proud to see Ashley's new book 'A Lifetime of Inspiration captured in watercolour' named as the Dalesman Magazine book of the Month.

Should you be interested to see the book, you might also be aware that we have a respective exhibition on at the gallery until the New Year of an exclusive collection of original  paintings from within the book.

Ashley Jackson Exhibition - A Lifetime of inspiration captured in watercolour 


This years Christmas card sells out we have re released My Blue Heaven

Posted by Claudia Jackson-Berettoni on October 24, 2017 (0 Comments)

It is fantastic to have this years Christmas card greeted with such enthusiasm, unfortunately it has meant we have once again sold out of our print run.

To avoid disappointment to those who are still to think of Christmas we have re released ' My Blue Heaven' as an alternative Christmas card.



Ashley speaks to Chris from Pulse Radio about his new book

Posted by Claudia Jackson-Berettoni on October 23, 2017 (0 Comments)

Take a listen to Ashley as he speaks up close and personal with Chris from Pulse Radio about his new book ' A Lifetime of  Inspiration captured in watercolour' and the exhibition held at the gallery that is a collection of paintings from the book.

Click on the link to listen.




Our first review for the new book 'A Lifetime of Inspiration in watercolour'

Posted by Claudia Jackson-Berettoni on October 11, 2017 (0 Comments)

We sincerely wish to thank Paul Astle for his generous but honest review  of Ashley's newest book.

I recently received my pre ordered copy of the new book by Ashley- "A Lifetime of Inspiration Captured in Watercolour", hot off the press, no doubt something that many folks like me will have been waiting for.

 The first thing I notice about anything received from the Ashley Jackson Gallery is something that stands out a mile - & that is quality throughout. Yes, items like this do come very well packaged in heavy duty padded envelopes, but that is just the start. Once opened, your precious product is always very neatly wrapped in the gallery's uniquely marked brown paper, not in a plastic bag. Not simply 'wrapped' though, but done with care & attention to detail, carefully enveloped & taped. A very nice touch, one echoing back to the long lost traditions of pride in the product & care for the recipient receiving their goods in prime condition. This may be lost on some folks, but I think it justifiably oozes quality.

 Let's get one thing out of the way - not every work shown here is 'brand new' - but it is not meant to be, as the title would suggest. It's a lifetime's work in watercolour, meaning there are a sprinkling of previously seen work, though only a sprinkling, but don't let that put you off in any way, as you would be missing out.

 There are 62 right hand side plates packed inside. That has got to be value for money in anyone's eyes. The quality of the colour reproduction achieved is amazing. Ashley's atmospheric tones, always moody & dark, are a signature of his work, & are superbly captured here. The printer has done a wonderful job enabling you to take a close look & understand how some of these works have been put together. I have spent some hours doing this & look forward to many more, enabling me to understand, learn & encourage my own apinting. 

 Interspersed amongst the pages are a few photographic shots of Ashley on location, doing film work, sketching etc, but there are not that many & they don't hinder the enjoyment. The facing page to each work has a few lines or short paragraph relevant to that image.  Simply put, these both add to the story, enjoyment & theme of the book.

 I have really enjoyed it & will continue to do so. It's one for picking up, looking in detail at, experiencing the artist's view of his 'Mistress' subject, marvelling at his skill with brush & paint, then putting it down, satisfied that you have quenched your thirst for now at this portrayal of a magical County.



It's here - Ashley's new book has arrived

Posted by Claudia Jackson-Berettoni on October 04, 2017 (0 Comments)

We are proud to announce the launch of Ashley's new hardback book 'A Lifetime of Inspiration Captured in Watercolour, to celebrate visitors to the gallery will have the unique opportunity to view a collection of the original paintings contained within the book.

The Exhibition will be on view from October until the New Year and all books purchased from the gallery during the exhibition will not only be signed by Ashley but will contain a small sketch.

We look forward to seeing you



On its own - a new edition to the signed print collection

Posted by Claudia Jackson-Berettoni on August 23, 2017 (0 Comments)
Should you be looking at the front cover of the new book, you might be interested to know that we have now released 'On its own' a print of the original painting into the signed print collection. It is truly a dynamic and atmospheric print.


Landmarks of our Lives

Posted by Claudia Jackson-Berettoni on September 14, 2017 (0 Comments)

If you enjoyed one of our Christmas cards of yesteryear we hope that you will be happy to see it return in a slghtly larger format into the signed print collection. If there can be such a thing as a warm winter landscape, then this I think is it ... it feel like a glorious morning, awakening to sunshine and snow but looking down on a welcoming sight of Castle Hill, Emley Moor Mast and the village of Meltham.

It is definitely a print that the more time you spend looking at it the more you see.    

Do call and see it in the gallery where it is mounted, framed and exhibited.



 If you enjoy Ashley's open moorlands with nothing but the the landscape in front of you, no farmhouse or or road to distract your vision ... then this is the painting for you ...

 As Ashley explains; 'Just me and the moor ... tranquility and perfection'.

Click here for further information




2017 Christmas card - The Homecoming is launched.

Posted by Claudia Jackson-Berettoni on August 23, 2017 (0 Comments)

This year's Christmas card is now available to order online, in the gallery or by telephoning 01484 686460. It is a powerful winter storm depicting the sanctuary of home aptly titled; 'The Homecoming' after the warm that greets us as we enter our home. Whether we have been a long time returning or just after a day at work, this is our sanctuary from life's storms not just the natural elements.

It is a strong painting with an atmospheric sky to reflect this relationship.

'Like a beacon sending its rays of light out into the stormy seas,
home is the sanctuary we return to through hail, storm and rain.
It is the constant that awaits us without expectations,its warmth and familiarity enveloping us as we open the door '.

The Christmas card message reads...
Best Wishes for a Very Happy Christmas
and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year

Cards are £1.50 each, to avoid disappointment please reserve your Christmas card order as soon as possible.




You can now  pre order my new book from the website, ensure you have a signed copy on its way to you as soon as we have copies at the introductory price of £20.00 a saving on the cover price of £5.00. Certainly an exclusive .... and a great present for someone who enjoys the landscapes of Yorkshire.

Ashley Jackson – The Yorkshire Artist contains a collection of paintings that have been personally chosen by the artist to bring together his personal memories and intimate reflections of the emotions and atmosphere that he has captured in each watercolour painting.
As he explains, ‘All artists paint what inspires them, what allows them to capture what they see with their eyes with their hands and heart. We all have differing inspirations, mediums and connections with our subject – mine is the Yorkshire Moors.’
From the open moorland of Marsden Moor to the inhabited landscape of Whitby, this book brims with what Ashley does best; capturing the atmospheric skies and drama of the landscape.

You will truly find Ashley Jackson and his ‘Yorkshire Mistress’, as he calls the Yorkshire landscape, laid bare in these stunning paintings


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