Looking forward to seeing you 'framed'

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Wondering what to do over the Summer holiday? Why not explore the landscape with Framing the Landscape.

Find the five frames installed throughout Yorkshire or download the app from itunes


Yorkshire Day - 1st August

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It's Yorkshire Day on the 1st August and what better way to celebrate than with a cup of Yorkshire  tea in a bone china beaker with the iconic landscape presented on its exterior. For a short period of time we are offering the limited edition beaker and a set of coasters as a saving when purchased together as the Yorkshire gift - All things Yorkshire


'Our Journey Begins' - Original watercolour painting

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Recently added to the website is our exclusive Gallery page which allows you to view a painting that is on exhibition within the gallery at Holmfirth.

'Our Journey begins' is an apt title for anyone considering an Engagement,Wedding or Anniversary gift, marking that celebration with a lifetime memory.

Please take a look by clicking on this link





If you have been enjoying Gentleman Jack

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If you have been enjoying the scenery and landscapes of 'Gentleman Jack' why not take a visit to Calderdale, its textile landscape is steeped in history and celebrated in the iconic structure of The Piece Hall.



Something special to share with you

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I am delighted to be able to share with you the artwork to my new book 'Ashley Jackson Watercolour sketches' .... sorry its not available just yet but I shall keep you all up to date on facebook and our website or should you wish to be informed as soon as it is in stock why not sign up for our newsletter.

The publishers have advised a September delivery.

I cannot wait to see the book in print as all these sketches are a personal recollection and so I hope you enjoy them.

Ashley Jackson Watercolour Sketches New Book


Thought for the day

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Power and the Passion



I make no apology for my passion for Yorkshire and its landscape for it fills my heart and courses through my veins.Thus what I aim to capture with my brush is not just the colour and the atmosphere, it is how it makes me feel, in truth it is part of me.  


A gift that says it all - Yorkshire

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Here are Ashley Jackson Gallery we aim to showcase Yorkshire in all it's glory, from our bespoke coasters and tablemats, signed books, prints, and originals.

We place great emphasis on product quality and colour reproduction for we want our customers to be happy with their purchase, so rest assured Ashley will only place his name on items that have passed his stringent personal tests. We could not knowingly sell something we were not confident or happy with, we are our own harshest critics.

We hope you enjoy viewing Ashley's atmospheric landscapes of Yorkshire and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Warm wishes

Ashley Jackson Gallery




Take a look at our new exclusive tablemats

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We hope you agree that these look fantastic, are a great addition to the gallery and a perfect partner for the coasters.

They can be found on our website and in the gallery. Each tablemat has a location attached to the back to allow you to visit Ashley's watercolour location in person,tied together as a set of four with our trade mark green ribbon with a stunning tag attached showcasing 'Power and the Passion'. At £24.99 it is the perfect gift for any home.


The beauty and the devastation of Marsden Moor NT

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Easter Weekend - Gallery opening times

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We look forward to greeting you over the Easter weekend.

Whatever the weather enjoy the hospitality of #Holmfirth in our many coffee houses, tea rooms and public houses.

We would also like to say hello to a number of new businesses that have recently opened and hope that you will also have time to visit them too.