Join us as we present our New Exhibition ‘Established' celebrating 60 years from Dodworth Studio to present

Join us as we celebrate 60 years of Ashley Jackson from his first studio in Dodworth to the Gallery in Holmfirth. We shall be opening the gallery to an exhibition titled 'Established' from the 26th June - 1st August showcasing new original paintings chosen personally by Ashley to sit alongside the cherished painting 'Ewden Valley'.

It aims to convey the love that he has for Yorkshire from the 'young man in a hurry' from Barnsley challenging the art establishment that there was art and culture to be found in the North to the man he is today with the word Yorkshire coursing through his veins.

'Established' was chosen for its significance to home, roots and family for Yorkshire has provided Ashley with all of these alongside the landscape that he has captured so emotively for all these years, in the same way that others are pulled towards a vocation he was also drawn to the landscape.
Established will see the full gallery of two floors open to the public from the 26th June - 1st August we hope you will join us and celebrate 60 years of Ashley Jackson Gallery.