Accessible Art

Framing the Landscape | Debit Card | Walk | Train | Tuition

It has always been Ashley Jackson's ambition to make art more accessible, to place art within everyday life experiences without people having to frequent galleries.

From his early years as a newly professional artist teaching in further education, volunteering within Wakefield Prison, lectures within schools, through to having his own series on television he has been passionate about passing on the enjoyment of watercolour painting and instilling in others the confidence to paint for your own enjoyment.

It is the engagement of the next generation of artist that has been a further focus of Ashley's,voluntarily providing art classes within schools and young offender units to ensure that his art skills are passed on and his life story is used as a motivational means to ensure art is recognised in an academic environment, for those that are creative but not academic he aims to give a voice.  

He has always said he wished to be the 'People's Artist' and has strived to have art placed in every day places, with Grand Central Rail named train, 'Ashley Jackson - The Yorkshire Artist' depicting his work throughout the five carriages, his painting on a bank debit card, Framing the Landscape and Wakefield Kirkgate station hosting an exhibition of sound and vision within the station underpass.