Launch of Christmas Card 2023

Deep Snow above the Holme Valley

'The wonders of snow, like turning the page in a diary the freshly fallen snow provided me with a blank page on which to start the day. The Yorkshire landscape is hidden, but having been my mistress for a life time, she forgets that I know her moods and rhythm.

I am in step with her, as she leads me. Where others may be lost, I am found, for we are bound through time. She has been the life force coursing through my veins from the moment we met.'

This year's Christmas card is now available to purchase online or through contacting the gallery.

We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do for it very much feels like one of those crisp bright mornings where you have the pleasure of witnessing the sun rising to greet the new day freshly carpetted with snow it covers all imperfections.