Excited to share our newly released Jigsaw ... and it's a dramatic snow landscape

Now onto our Fourth Jigsaw we are excited to present to you the snow covered landscape of Yorkshire waiting to be created by you ....  as an exclusive - a stunning jigsaw of 'Solace from the stormreproduced under the watchful eye of Ashley to ensure faithful colour reproduction.

The 750 piece jigsaw will become your work of art as you piece by piece bring together the contemporary watercolour painting capturing a dramatic sky with a the farm house illuminated against the snow laden skies.

Footprints lead across the field to the open gate but the true beauty is in the wall toppings sticking out of the snow drifts like stepping stones curving up to the farm.

It will be a wonderful addition to the collection and is unique in that it will be our first snow scene and we can assure you of the clarity of the reproduction for we have taken time to ensure that it is faithful to the original painting.

Produced for Ashley Jackson in the United Kingdom, an exclusive number of the jigsaws are now available at rrp £32.50.

The finished size is 435mm x 600mm or 17''x 23.5”