New Addition to the Originals Collection - 'Fling the gloom of yesterday

I have been delving back into the works of Tennyson and the words; 'Fling the Gloom of yesterday' resonated whether it was intended as a reference to the weather or the melancholy of the month of January ....

The photographic image of this watercolour painting do not do it justice with its layers of transparent colour building to capture the essence of the open moor. 


Alt text; Such earthy tones of Burnt umber and Raw sienna bring the moorland and sky together in perfect harmony. A soft wisp of blue deftly brings light to an Autumn day. With only the white of the paper Ashley manages to capture the light reflecting on the wet moorland so much so that should you have stood on that moor in realtime you would have known which areas to avoid. It is an inspiring watercolour for your eye sees all of the nature around you, the bird in flight and the sheep gathering but then you feel drawn to the light along the horizon like optimism on a dark day it lifts you. Exclusively available at Ashley Jackson Gallery, Holmfirth