Don't miss out on celebrating Ashley's 75th Year with the purchase of a Limited edition

'The End of the Day, when all is calm' captures the warm tones of a sunset on a cold evening with the thought of warm fire awaiting in the farm house. It is a Limited edition that not only reassures that the end of the day is close but that the fresh challenges of a new one awaits.

Since its release in September it has been met with an exceptional response, to the point that we wish to advise our clients that the Remarque Limited edition are now particularly low and hence once gone as a limited edition will not be available again.

A remarque is the limited edition prints numbered from 1 -75 that also comes with an original watercolour sketch of the print. Thus it is an opportunity to purchase an original Ashley Jackson (unframed) and a Limited edition print (framed) for £695.00. Call me a Yorkshire man but this is exceptional value with pencil sketches beginning at £750.00

The prices quoted are for the framed gallery price, the website shows the cost for mounted only.

Should you wish to reserve, please do not hestitate to contact the gallery on 01484 686460 where we will be happy to assist.