Bright and colourful Yorkshire Summer

What can I say... it has been a fantastic month for Yorkshire with the community preparation for the Tour de France, from bunting to hanging baskets and bicycles Yorkshire was a sea of colour and pride. On the Saturday and Sunday as the tour passed through Yorkshire villages, Dales and moorland they were embraced within the heart of Yorkshire.

Yorkshire fully committed to the Grandest Grand de part there has ever been ....and we were proud to play a small part.

Yorkshire has always been Ashley's passion and mistress so to finally share her with the rest of the world was a fabulous honour. "I hope that they have been able to see what I truly aim to capture through my time spent on the open moor for it is never loneliness or solitude it is coming home"

If you have been inspired by Yorkshire come join Ashley on one of his paint days May 8th and 15th 2015 and capture the very essence of Yorkshire