Waiting to Unveil....


The New limited edition  "COMING HOME BEFORE THE RAIN” – Brontë Moorland near Haworth has finally arrived at the Gallery in Holmfirth and we are excited to be unveiling the framed and mounted version on Saturday 1st October in its full entirety.

After the open moorland of "When the Wind Blows" released two years ago Ashley has returned to what he does best a moody dynamic sky and an open gateway leading to a place of shelter from the prevailing rain. You could imagine Heathcliffe and Cathy being caught out by the speed of the change in the weather and seeking sanctuary from the rain and the rest of the world by the side of a warm fire within the farm house.

 Ashley will be within the Gallery to unveil the Limited edition, answer any question and should you wish to purchase sign the back of your Limited Edition with a sketch. We look forward to you joining us.