Ashley Jackson sponsors an Award at the Dalesman Awards 2012



I know how difficult it is to follow your dream by becoming an artist, often you have to take up alternative employment to inititially pay a wage whilst you are trying to negotiate the pitfalls of being self employed as an artist. I trained as a glass gilder and lettering artist at Ron Darwent signwriters before leaving to open a gallery behind a public house in Dodworth.

I learn't a great skill from a fantastic teacher and should everything else have failed then I would have had a skill to fall back on. I was determined and with the support of my wife Anne, who financially supported me with her wage whilst I persued my passion to be an artist , I can now continue to do what I love the most, painting the Yorkshire Moors.

This year I wish to return this support by sponsoring the Dalesman Award for skills, I hope to find someone who believes passionately about their talent but like me might have had to find other routes to achieve this goal or might even still be in the process of creating acknowledgement of their skills.

If you know of someone who has skills that you would wish to be acknowledged, be it in art,woodwork, sculpture, silversmith or stonemason then please do contact me via email or the Dalesman with their details/information before the end of May. Let's shine a light on some raw Rural talent.