Ashley Jackson Award Winner Unveiled


The Dalesman Rural Awards for 2012 took place at Utopia, Broughton Hall Skipton yesterday and I was proud to support new and emerging Arts through the sponsorship of "The Ashley Jackson Award". Here I am presenting the award to Sam Dalby, a portrait artist from Settle.

I saw many life similarities between myself as a young man and Sam. Working as a painter and decorator Sam is both self taught and self financing, whilst I trained as a signwriter and glass guilder before setting out as a professional artist all too many years ago.

"Life goes by as fast as cats eyes on the motorway"  and so I would advise anyone starting off today to give it your best shot, be passionate about what you do and others will hopefully see the honesty of your work shine through. 

The worst regret to me would be, not to have tried rather than to have failed in trying