Wondered what 'My Yorkshire Sketchbook' was all about?


 I received a wonderful email from Johnette in Australia on having read 'My Yorkshire sketchbook' and I think she captures the very esssence of the book, (after asking her permission) so I thought you might wish to see it as an unofficial review;

 Well you asked me to let you know what I thought of this book compared with the others- Wow this IS different, although I liked the others very much I was definitely struck by this one.

 First, I felt that I was having a conversation with Ashley (won't call him Mr.as I feel as though I know him) in regard the sketches, as Michael My husband, comes from Yorkshire, and we make more and more friends every time we come back. We also get to love more areas. 2 of our favorites are- The area all round Holmfirth, also near Grassington, Mire House where our friend Sue lives,From up there we see beautiful lights in the sky and the area is magic.There are so many others tho that we love too many to write of here.
Secondly, I felt that I was right there, funny how a sketch before it is painted somehow draws you into and yet trying to find out more of the feelings that are enveloping you -then when you see the actual painting it proves to teach you much more.I felt as though I got to know Ashley more than ever before - not what he had done but how he felt about nature, about Yorkshire, how he goes with his feelings and the rest of us - if we love and appreciate what he does that is wonderful - if not then they do not know what they are missing!