Celebrating 50 years of 'Last of the Summer Wine'


Can it really be '50 years' since the introduction of Compo, Clegg and Foggy graced our Sunday evening television, bringing the landscapes of the Holme Valley to the forefront whilst conveying the shenanigans of three close friends.

To celebrate this landmark date the gallery has re released larger versions of 'Sid's Cafe and Nora's Quiet Corner, they will be available for only a Limited Time; 1st May until 31st May and will be available online as mounted only and in person at the gallery as mounted or framed.


My personal memories: It was great fun to take part in 'Loxley Lozenger',  as the title rolls the camera pulls out from my watercolour painting you find Compo, Clegg and Foggy stood up close behind me ... my one line 'Get on yer way' recorded for posterity. Ironically they were to rejoin me painting at the end of the episode as they roll up behind me on an old sofa.

It was comedy relevant to the time and like most things life has moved on, but the one thing that remains is the surrounding landscape that brought Alan Bell to Holmfirth, to film locations such as Hinchliffe Mill and Jackson Bridge.

I was to become great family friends with Ronny Hazlehurst who wrote the signature music for the series and Kathy Staff ( and her husband) for many years. It was Kathy who asked me to paint Nora's Quiet corner; to capture the tranquility of the steps leading up to her 'home', it remains a sincere memorial to our friendship.