Just one week to go to #Worldbookday

It's just one week to #worldbookday what book will you be reading ....#shareastory Will it be the Yorkshire Moors of Top Withens coming to life in 'Jane Eyre' , the yorkshire humour and friendships of 'The tea shop on the corner' or the heart warming 'Little Prince' remindiing us that all grown ups were once children?

There is still time to find that book that means more to you than words on a piece of paper, it is something that takes you on a journey capturing your heart and making you feel every moment.

I hope that through my paintings and thoughts others might connect with my passion for the Yorkshire landscape, to share in the drama and atmosphere of the storm clouds gathering and the drop in air just before the storm breaks.

My aim is not just for you to see it but to feel it as if you were there.