My passion for Yorkshire - Welcome

Welcome to everyone who kindly follows me through the website and social media, but here is a big hello and welcome to those whom are just visiting for the first time.

There is a great deal to view on the website including much about my life, for art has filled nearly sixty years with the landscapes of Yorkshire permeating my very essence, thoughts feelings and being. 

I have enjoyed a great ‘love affair’ with Yorkshire; she has been my muse, my love, my mistress as we have stood together on the bleakest of days with our rawness exposed to each other and then on days when your souls sing to the same beauty, like a song only you hear.

She has seen me at my best and at my worst and does not judge me. My watercolour paintings are an expression of this enduring love. 

You will see that I capture the drama and atmosphere of the big skies, in truth it is the light that I chase, for without the light there can be no dark. 

One major point to make is that there is no white paint in my paintings … the white is the watercolour paper itself, no tricks or masking fluid just a man and his watercolour brush capturing depth in multiple layers of transparent washes.

I hope you stay to have a look at the rawness and beauty of the Yorkshire landscape. 

Artist Ashley Jackson leaning against a dry stone wall on the open moorland above Holmfirth