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Billowing Over Castle Hill, Huddersfield as a Watercolour landscape. Yorkshire landscape captured in watercolour by Yorkshire Artist Ashley Jackson. Available as a mounted print of Yorkshire. Fine Art Prints, Signed prints, Limited Editions and Original watercolour paintings exclusively available from Ashley Jackson Gallery, Holmfirth

Billowing over Castle Hill

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Size: 29"1/2" x 22"

Mounting: Double Mounted Finished

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Whilst driving through Huddersfield's impressive and famous landmark, Castle Hill, I was compelled to pull over and capture the scene before me. As the light emblazened the cottage in the foreground of the tower, the wind swirled and billowed around whilst the telegraph wires hummed their own tune in its breath. The clothes pegs clung to the washing as it desperately tried to free itself from the line, while my car was buffeted around at the side of the road. During all this drama, I was aware of the sheer presence of the landmark as it stood proud and statuesque above, in its commanding position over the town.As she stood so majestically silent, I was humbled in her shadows, as I realised that she had achieved what we mere mortals can never attain - immortality. For as she had stood some 150 years, she would confidentally stand another 150, and live to experience many many more precious, carefree, windswept days. A sobering moment, when you realise that you have to appreciate and never take for granted, what you have got, at the moment you have got it.

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