Christmas Card 2023 - Deep Snow Above The Holme Valley. The image is of a snow covered landscape with fallen wired fencing pulled down by the weight of  snow. The day is bright and crisp with an ultramarine blue sky and light on the horizon bringing a row of houses into sight in the middle distance

Christmas card 2023 - Deep snow above the Holme Valley ( Pack of 10 cards and Envelopes)

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Deep snow above the Holme Valley

The wonders of snow, like turning the page in a diary the freshly fallen snow provided me with a blank page on which to start the day. The Yorkshire landscape is hidden, but having been my mistress for a life time, she forgets that I know her moods and rhythm.

I am in step with her, as she leads me. Where others may be lost, I am found, for we are bound through time. She has been the life force coursing through my veins from the moment we met.


 The painting is reproduced to a high quality on to thick white crisp card with a grey line around the image.

  The Christmas card message reads...

  Best Wishes

for a Very Happy Christmas

and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year


These are sold in a pack of 10 cards of the same design.

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 Please note, this image does not reflect the true proportions or colours of the painting.

Size: 7 3/4" x 6 1/8"

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