Lead me home, Gateway to Yorkshire


Please note, this image does not reflect the true proportions of the painting and sizes stated below describes the overall size of work including the mounting.

Mounted size is approximately 98.75 cm x 48.26 cm  38.88" x 19"

Mounting: Double Mounted

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Lead me home, gateway to God's County, Yorkshire

 Lead me home is a celebration of my 80th year, the gateway is a distant memory of a lost boundary , you could choose to walk around it, but it is our natural instinct to open the gate to walk through to feel the damp moorland beneath our feet.

It is a tranquil day, one that you wished you could soar like a bird in the sky with your arms reaching out, for this is as close to an aerial view as is humanly possible.

Look closely , for it is the light on the horizon that fills my soul with hope for what will be, to act as a reminder that even on the darkest days there is always light on the horizon. Mother Nature will always ensure a moment of serenity even in a storm, perhaps this is life's metaphor for I have lived through many storms but have continued to embrace my Yorkshire Mistress for she is the very essence of  my soul.

Exclusive Signed Limited Edition of just 250 copies.

All copies of the edition will include a commemorative certificate of authenticity.

Released on the 22nd October 2020  in celebration of Ashley Jackson’s 80th Birthday.You can pre order your Limited Edition now.

The first 80 (Limited Edition) Remarques will include a mounted original watercolour sketch 11x13”

Limited edition numbers will start at 81-250

Remarques are £750 framed or £600 unframed, where as Limited Editions 81-250 will be £550 framed and £400 unframed (all unframed Limited Editions will be supplied mounted and cellophane wrapped).

To avoid disappointment if you require a specific numbered Limited Edition for birthday, anniversary or memorable date then we will do our best to provide you with the appropriate number but these will be allocated on a first come basis, so please do not hesitate to contact the Gallery to reserve your Limited Edition.

At present we are only able to offer unframed limited editions through the website, please contact the gallery 01484 686460 to reserve a framed edition for collection from the gallery.

Lead me home, Gateway to Yorkshire