Snow on Maythorne Lane near Victoria


Size: 11" x 9"3/4"

Mounting: Double mounted and signed by the artist on the print

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There is nothing better than an ice cold day on the moor, when the snow is crisp-lying, the snow goes crunch under your boots and your face feels the sharpness of the clean winter air. I do believe that heaven and hell is on this earth we live in, and I feel a very lucky man to see this heaven.                    

 I was taken by the strange, dark drama of this scene of heavy snow surrounding Victoria Moor and Maythorne Lane. Storm clouds were rapidly crossing from the east, yet the winds which had bent and sculptured the trees were usually from the west. The elements appeared to be at war above Maythorne Farm, whose roof was illuminated against the sky. This sense of elemental conflict seized my imagination. I imagined that the clumps of grass protruding through the snow in the foreground were giant footprints (they also provided an ideal foreground to draw the viewer in) and I loved the cool indigo light shining on the scene. As I worked on my sketches with the wind swirling around,I knew I was in communion with my moor.

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Snow on Maythorne Lane near Victoria
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  • Snow on Maythorne Lane near Victoria