The Warmth Of Heather Castle Hill And Emley Signed Prints
The stunning purple heather lining the road leading between Castle Hill and Emley Mast. The Yorkshire landscape captured in watercolour by Yorkshire Artist Ashley Jackson. Available as a signed print of Yorkshire mounted or framed editions available from the gallery. Fine Art Prints, Signed prints, Limited Editions and Original watercolour paintings exclusively available from Ashley Jackson Gallery, Holmfirth
The Warmth of Heather, Castle Hill and Emley

The Warmth of Heather, Castle Hill and Emley

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Size: 16 x 12 1/2"

Mounting: double mounted

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Yorkshire has always been my mistress and capturing her ever changing moods has given me everlasting pleasure.  I believe that painting requires two elements , the skill and the passion of the artist. Whereas you can be taught to paint a picture which is mechanically constructed you need to know about composition, perspective etc but to do a painting you need all these elements but the most important attribute is to put your soul and passion in to the work , now you have a painting  No one can teach you the passion that comes from within. You have to have a relationship with your subject, mine is the Yorkshire Moor or my mistress as I like to call her for her contours are those of the female form and just like a woman she can warm your heart, chill you to the bone or make you cry such is the power of the elements and the atmosphere created.

Please note, this image does not reflect the true proportions of the painting and sizes stated below describes the overall size of work including the mounting.

Mounted only is double mounted in off white. Framed is double mounted in off white with contemporary distressed bronze/copper frame.



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